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mail and Web browser uses cookies to store a small number of files on your hard disk. When you visit certain websites, they create. Anonymous standard internet log information and visitor behavior Cookies collected. They make it possible when they return to the site to identify the user's location. You can be sure that our store is safe.

We use cookies to track use of the website. With the help of cookies, we can give us to save your password so you do not think you want, when you visit the site, which allows us to tailor a visit to make it more humane, such as re-entering the products and services away . We use the analysis of third-party professional partners to gather information about how you can browse, search and buy some of the information from the site. To do this cookie on your computer to collect information on our behalf. We use this information to continually improve our service and shopping experience. Our partners analyze the information collected and passed after us a secure connection. We forbid them to use any of the information itself and the contract partners. Passwords and credit card information will not be collected, these specialized analytical service partner.

Some Cookie use of our site is that it is necessary to fully operate. Many important part of this site, if you have cookies enabled will not work.

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To benefit from your experience with the use of cookies on this site should be. Most Web browsers automatically accept the default installation settings cookie. If the results of ongoing Cookie is not in the browser's performance may mean that the site will also affect restrict the use of the site, this may mean that you can not buy things that we can use.

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