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return policy
You can return or exchange items within seven days of their purchases online. Use our free pick we will pick them listed in your address. Exchange or return all items must be unused and in their original, labeled products. If purchased items include office, which also must be returned intact.

Please note that trade in goods not eligible for refunds.

instructions back
The package (s) in the company's original packaging

In return shipping package or return

1) -Pre stamped Fushun Feng courier DHL or form post, put apart
2) Please contact our customer service, return or exchange requests. We treat SF Express or DHL selected items from your address () the
3) For online shopping, returning via DHL courier to the country. If you want to provide you, the customer will bear the full responsibility for the return, and we are not responsible for the items in our warehouse (s). You must prepay, because we can not accept delivery (COD) in cash transport and back. For your safety, keep the back plate prior to tracking information.

For the exchange of different sizes, depending on the stock. If so, we can keep stock for you when we send back to the original as soon as possible. Transport and taxes' action sharing replacement will not be charged after the first shipment.

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